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Cognos Analytics 12.0.x is here to bring AI-powered insights to everyone, faster!

By Tim Aston posted Tue June 06, 2023 03:16 PM


I'm so happy to announce to everyone that IBM Cognos Analytics 12 has arrived!  This is a major milestone in the history of Cognos Analytics, because now so many more people can be empowered to make better decisions using more data than ever.

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Data provides us with tremendous business opportunities.  But there's an unfortunate paradox in the business world today.  Almost all businesses are collecting more and more data as each day goes by.  And we all know that making decisions that are well-informed by data is critical for business success.  Yet it turns out that most of that data goes completely unused, and the small proportion that is used is by a fraction of the business users in the organization!

Businesses simply aren't taking full advantage of this opportunity provided by all this data.

Cognos Analytics 12.0.0 is here to help you capitalize on the opportunity by empowering you to drive a data-driven culture.  Cognos Analytics 12.0.0 will enable you get more of your users to use more of your data to inform their decision making.  We have accomplished this by focusing on 3 main areas:

True AI-driven self-service:  Because self-service is about more than dashboards.  You can get answers from your data using natural language, and then seamlessly transition to building a dashboard using these insights.

High performance interactivity: Turbocharge your dashboards with our innovative new caching technology that makes interacting and filtering instantaneous.  And do you like to work with uploaded files?  That will now take only half as long.

The most trusted and comprehensive BI platform available: We have made across-the-board enhancement to Cognos that make this the best release of Cognos Analytics ever!

To help you learn more about the incredible features included in this new release, our product management team has written a series of blogs.  Give them a read to learn more about these incredible new features.  You can also read the "What's New" page from the Cognos Analytics 12.0.0 documentation.

True AI-driven self-service:

Cognos Analytics 12.0: Meet the new Cognos Analytics Assistant

Now everyone can start analysizng data thanks to the new Cognos Analytics 12 home page

High performance interactivity:

Improving file upload performance in Cognos Analytics 12

Performance and Canvas optimization with Cognos 12 Dashboards

The most trusted and comprehensive BI platform available:

Cognos Analytics 12.0.0 - Dynamic prompt parameter values

Cognos Analytics 12.0.0 Mapping Imrovements

New extensions capabilities in Cognos Analytics 12.0.0

Managing the power of the Cognos Analytics + Jupyter Notebooks integration in CA 12.0.0

Opening your Cognos Analytics content from MS Teams just got easier!

Supported Software (SPCR) updates in Cognos Analytics 12.0.0