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Performance and Canvas optimization with Cognos 12 Dashboards:

By SAMI EL CHEIKH posted Tue June 06, 2023 03:09 PM


With Cognos 12, we have focused on improving the dashboard experience from both a consumption and authoring standpoint. In addition to visualization improvements such as adding worldviews and label properties to maps as well as enhancements to the AI assistant and forecasting, we’ve focused on delivering a more performant and flexible dashboard for our users through the Nested Dashboard widget and the Local Data Cache feature.

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Nested Dashboard Widget:

Our users are constantly making compromises to create the most intuitive dashboard experience for their users. This is especially true when it comes to getting the appropriate number of widgets and views of data in a dashboard. The Nested Dashboard Widget allows you to add mini-dashboards within your dashboard canvas. Like dashboards, they can have multiple tabs and maintain interactivity across canvas widgets when making point selections. Furthermore, you can utilize a drop-down approach instead of a tabbed approach to navigating the widget’s content. You can even nest up to 3 Nested Dashboard widgets within a single Nested Dashboard widget! With this widget, we’ve given our users the flexibility to add different views of the same data or different data with the same views without having to navigate across dashboard tabs thereby maintaining the user flow and minimizing the time to value. 

Local Data Cache:

The Local Data Cache feature, on the other hand, was developed with the intention of improving content performance across a variety of use cases utilizing relational data with Cognos 12. The feature effectively imports the appropriate data into a browser cache so that you minimize the need to query your server constantly for updates when navigating your dashboard canvas. This optimizes a large number of client-side use cases such as data point selections across visualizations, keep/exclude actions, sorting and more!

For more information please reference our product documentation: Getting started - IBM Documentation

Sami E. 
Senior Product Manager- IBM Data and AI