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Self-serve BI: LOB and IT on the Same Playing Field

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Tue August 30, 2016 05:05 AM

Big data is fueling even bigger opportunities, uncovering critical insights that sharpen the competitive edge and open new doors. As line of business leaders are increasingly demanding fast answers and constant inquiry, the depth and breadth of data analyses requirements are exceeding IT’s bandwidth.

IBM Cognos Analytics is designed for the dynamics of this business climate.

The highly intuitive interface ensures that line of business users and business analysts now have access to the same level of data analytics capabilities that were previously limited to IT professionals. With IBM Cognos Analytics, all roles and levels of technical expertise engage on the same platform, have access to the same robust capabilities, and utilize the same tools.

The real magic is in the graduated user experience where users’ expertise grows over time. Users who are new to the system are able to get up and running quickly due to a highly intuitive interface and introductory guidance. As more advanced capabilities are needed, the system makes them available via a single click. An example is the on-demand toolbars that streamline access to the most frequently used options.

With IBM Cognos Analytics, line of business users are now able to initiate and follow through on analytics projects with complete freedom from IT—in some cases, getting the answers they need immediately and in other cases, launching longer-term projects that draw in multiple insights and emerge as collaborative endeavors.

Once individual users create content or data modules and begin to build assets, there are a number of options for next steps that include keeping it in their own domain, posting it to a common location, or designating specific users or lines of business who will have access. Others are then able to enhance the asset with additional insights, metrics or KPIs—or leverage the content to create entirely new assets.

As multiple lines of business share the same content and gather insights from each other, analytics takes shape as a team sport with individual players adding distinct value and contributing to ongoing leaps forward in business intelligence.

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