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IBM Community 101: What is the Community Front Porch?

By Christina Howell posted 23 days ago


Welcome to the IBM Community Front Porch!

We created a Front Porch for our Community to serve as the home base for all things community. Any of our 230K+ members can find information pertinent to all IBM or industry news, thoughts from executives and experts, exciting events open to any and all members, and a discussion forum to connect with other members across all of our communities. 

Here are some examples things you can expect to find on the Community Front Porch: 

You can subscribe to the Community Front Porch daily digest and get weekly, daily, or real-time updates on new activity. To do so, click on Settings, and find Daily Digest. There is a drop down to select the frequency of updates. 

And remember you can always get back to the Community Front Porch from anywhere in the community simply by going to Resources drop down in the top navigation and selecting Community Front Porch. 

What thoughts or feedback do you have to share with our community team? Leave a comment here, or open up a discussion thread in our forum. We look forward to hearing back and getting to know all of our members!

Christina Howell
Community Manager for Data Science and Business Analytics



8 days ago

Thanks for your post

17 days ago

Glad to hear that @Matthew Giannelis. Welcome to the community!​​

17 days ago

Thank you passing on the info.

Im new to the IBM community so im glad I came across this document.