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  • Did you see the PC Magazine review of Db2 on Cloud? Published July 23, 2018 PCMAG IBM Db2 on Cloud IBM Db2 on Cloud (which begins at $189 per month) is a well-designed, fully managed SQL Database-as-a-Service ...

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  • Db2 on Cloud is IBM’s on-line transaction processing (OLTP) solution in the public cloud - it allows for rapid deployment of large scale OLTP environments, provides flexible options for both volume and processing speed, and provides a unified architecture ...

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    Key Resources for Db2 Technical Wikis Db2 Best Practices Db2 Early Access Program Db2 HADR Portal IBM Graphical Workload Management Tool Product Sites IBM Database Management ...

  • Learning objectives While IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) allows DBAs to administer, monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of Db2 databases, it also provides developers with an easy-to-use testing environment. Developers can use DSM to create ...

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