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Here They Are: The Winners Of The IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge

The first inaugural IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge has come to a close. The two winners of $10,000 each have been announced and the contest team is wrapping up the proceedings and reflecting on what we learned. We learned a lot. We learned that IBM Automation has an agile and enthusiastic...

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Announcing The Winners Of The IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge – July 28 at 1 PM ET

The very first IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge is closed for submissions and the judges are reviewing each RPA Solution and making their selections. At stake are two $10,000 prizes, one for Best IBM RPA Solution to Improve My Workplace and one for Best IBM RPA Solution to Address a Social Challenge....

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How To Submit Your Build-A-Bot Solution - The Deadline is July 15

The deadline is approaching for the close of the first IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge with two prizes of $10,000 each for grabs. You can submit your IBM Robotic Process Automation Solution up until 11:59 PM on July 15 (OK, we’ll give you til midnight). Submitting your solution is easy. After you...

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About A Week Left For the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge – What Are You Building?

As we head into the home stretch for the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge, which opened on June 15 and closes for all submissions on July 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM, my thoughts these days are on RPA use cases. By the way, if the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge is new to you, visit the Build-A-Bot Entry Page ...

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RPA Case Study: Increasing Customer Engagement in Insurance

Lojacorr is an insurance carrier that uses RPA to monitor and communicate financial data across the enterprise and connect with customers. Read the case study. #TaskAutomation(RPA) #RoboticProcessAutomation(RPA)


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Three tips for successful RPA

Tips for successful RPA implementation: #TaskAutomation(RPA) #RoboticProcessAutomation(RPA) #BuildABot

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$10,000 IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge Hits the Halfway Point (There's Still Plenty of Time)

The deadline is July 15 at midnight ET to submit your IBM RPA solution for a chance to win two cash prizes of $10,000 USD . IBM announced the Challenge on June 15 and, so far, more than 100 individuals have entered and downloaded their 30-day free trial of IBM RPA. Since the Contest allows...

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$10,000 Build-A-Bot Challenge Wants To Know What’s Good About Technology Anyway?

What happens when a developer asks, “How can I use technology to solve the world’s problems?” The question is the first step in a creative process that leads to understanding a problem, shaping a vision for fixing the problem, and then designing a solution. Most of the technological breakthrough...

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Business Automation

Business automation can streamline your business in many ways and help you achieve all your digital transformation objectives, benefitting your business in many ways to give you better customers, lower your overall cost of business operation, increase your productivity, and improve your ROI....

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