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Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow

By Matthew Warta posted Fri December 18, 2020 01:52 PM


I'm happy to announce the general availability of the latest version of IBM Business Automation Workflow, available today with the Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.3 and as a standalone offering, IBM Business Automation Workflow Version  This release includes significant new features that make it easier and more convenient to use, create, manage, and operate intelligent workflows across your organization.


End users - A new and modern way to manage all work types more efficiently in one place with Workplace

Improve work productivity

End users and team leads can now use a single work portal to search, prioritize, complete and distribute all kinds of work.   Processes, cases and (with the Cloud Pak for Automation) workstreams are all together in Workplace.  This modern, configurable, mobile-friendly, and AI infused experience provides a single task list that makes it easier for end users to quickly understand the most important work to take action on. Take a look

  • Visual summary of all work via task status tiles
  • Adjust to disruptions to realign work across teams and individuals. Balance workload, reassign work items (individually and in bulk)
  • Get a 360-degree view of workflow instances, including all related activities, data, documents, comments, and history
  • With AI-assisted task prioritization, it becomes clear what you should work on versus the limitless possibilities of what you could work on

Make better decisions

Workflow also helps individuals finish work more quickly, without trading off quality . Building on the momentum from last release when we introduced an embedded, self-training Machine Learning server for Intelligent Task Prioritization, this release adds decision recommendations available now as a technical preview. This exciting new feature uses machine learning by observing historical team outcomes for individual tasks to recommend a decision when needed, including a confidence level – helping improve the consistency, throughput and predictability of your processes. These machine learning models are extensible with the provided API, allowing you to infuse intelligence across your applications and the platform.

Create situational workflows

End users can also use  IBM Automation Workstream Services, to configure lightweight, situational workflows, as part of the DBA on Cloud (DBAoC) platform, integrated into a single instance with other DBA capabilities, available to try for free as part of the new DBA on Cloud Trial.  Try it now.

Developers - create low-code workflow projects with Business Automation Studio & App Designer (overview)

Workflow authoring is now on containers as part of Business Automation Studio in Cloud Pak for Automation.  Developers of all skill levels can now create richer workflows leveraging automation services from other Cloud Pak for Automation capabilities:

  • Consume and orchestrate automation services to easily take advantage of additional Cloud capabilities (such as Decisions, Content, or Capture) without understanding the underlying implementation.
  • Create and publish workflow services and operations as automation services within the Cloud Pak for Automation services catalog.
  • Create and publish workflow services for consumption by external clients following the Open API external Specification (REST). 

Business Managers – manage your workforce for improved outcomes and gain insights into your operational performance using natural language

Business Automation Workflow continues to make it easier for business managers to gain control of business operations with intelligent work management through improved insights.

Manage your workforce

The Business Performance Center, introduced in the last release, provides a near real-time view of your business operations, with easy-to-create dashboards and goal-based business scorecards with KPIs, trends, and predictions.  This release expands the scope of the Business Performance Center to add workforce management, giving business managers the ability to measure workforce performance factors such as team throughput, team capacity, utilization rate, as well as cycle time and worker efficiency.

What do you do when your manager asks about the performance of your business and you don’t have a report or dashboard for that?   You need the ability to get information quickly and easily right now.   We make this process even easier; this release provides a Natural Language query capability to help managers interact with and investigate the performance of their workflows and business outcomes in real time with easy-to-use text queries.


IT Operators – easier installation, additional support

IT staff will appreciate an easier installation experience and additional support. This release includes a new enterprise pattern for BAW, providing a simpler install experience. In addition, Workflow now supports Oracle and PostgreSQL databases, as well as Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Service for orchestration.