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Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow 21.0.3

By KASUN ATTANAPOLA posted Fri December 17, 2021 01:16 PM


We are happy to announce the general availability of the latest version of IBM Business Automation Workflow, available today with Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.3 and as a standalone offering IBM Business Automation Workflow 21.0.3.  

Version 21.0.3 for Cloud Pak for Business Automation and Business Automation Workflow have also been named Long-Term Support Releases (LTSR) with a minimum support period of two years!  

To view the official LTSR announcement for Cloud Pak for Business Automation please click here 

To view the official LTSR announcement for Business Automation Workflow please click here 

Highlights of Business Automation Workflow 21.0.3 include: 

Work more efficiently:  

Receive notifications when new work is assigned to you: Last year we introduced ‘Workplace,’ which allows task workers and team leads use a single, modern work portal to search, prioritize, complete, and distribute all types of work. Our latest release 21.0.3 now allows task assignment notification emails to take you directly into Workplace and display the task. 

Case updates: Case pages, built with Business Automation Workflow’s client-side human services, have been enhanced with new case components such as a Case Calendar (view events) and the Case Visualizer (view the extended history for a case) that were previously only available for the classic case widget pages.  

We have also enhanced how the case components are structured, allowing more flexible customization of the pages and the client-side human service flows that control them.  


Business Automation Workflow on container updates 

Support for Linux on IBM Z: Linux on IBM Z is now a supported cluster architecture to install Business Automation Workflow 

Installation in all namespaces on a cluster:
 If you are using RedHat OpenShift, you can now install Business Automation Workflow in all the namespaces on a cluster. In Kubernetes, namespaces provide a mechanism to partition clusters into virtual sub-clusters which allows multiple users, teams of users, or a single user with multiple applications isolate their projects from one another.    

New profile deployment sizes: Business Automation Workflow deployments now use small, medium, or large deployment profiles where the operator now predefines the CPU and memory requirements. These predefined values can always be overwritten and customized.  

IBM Process Federation Server updates 

Process Federation Server now provides dedicated REST APIs that improve efficiency for the back up and restore of system indexes.