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New Capabilities Available in IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation Trial

By Francesca Pagano posted Thu April 14, 2022 05:37 PM

The team is proud to present the latest version of the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation trial. This release includes a multitude of enhancements and access to two additional capabilities: Automation Decision Service (ADS) and Workflow. 

Build Simple, No-Code Applications 
Experience the interactive scenarios which highlight both pre-built business applications and the opportunity to build your own. In this release, there are new guided flows to accompany each industry use case scenario. Below is a preview of how to unlock the featured capabilities:

1). Select the Build apps and automations tile. Once you have completed the Experience business automation and Run an app tours, select the Build apps and automations path. The guidance is accessible via the "?" as shown below.

2). Build apps & Build automations. To experience Automation Decision Services and Workflow, select the Build automations path. Feel free to explore both options and restart the guidance at any time from the same "?" in the upper right-hand corner.

3). Business automations: ADS & Workflow. Choose a path to build business automations for decisions and workflows. Select Get started with decision automations to continue into an ADS overview.

4). Automation Decision Services overview & video. A brief tour will introduce the ADS component from the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. 

Intuitive, Intelligent, Integrated 

Automation Decision Services (ADS) is a next generation intelligent automation service that businesses can use to combine prescriptive business rules and predictive models to improve customer experience and make intelligent operational decisions. 

ADS provides a low-code environment where business experts can effectively initiate decision automation projects and apply their knowledge to model decisions without much learning. When changes to decision models are required, business users can quickly update them, providing agility and speed needed to meet changing business demands. Because decision models are easily integrated with other IT systems, applications can scale and execute automated decisions across multiple channels.

How to get started

To begin your free 14-day trial, click the link provided to fill out the registration form:  You will receive an email with your login information and be granted access within minutes. There is no download or installation required. Please note the registration is not open to IBM email ids.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation and how you can increase productivity and improve your business applications.

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