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IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.2 Announcement

By Bill Lawton posted Thu July 09, 2020 10:45 AM


IBM Cloud Pak for Automation version 20.0.2 Announcement

I'm happy to announce that as of June 26th, 2020, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation has new and enhanced product features. These updates make it easier than ever to automate more types of work at speed and scale. Check out some of the new exciting updates to this version.  

Automation platform enhancements and new features:

  • Redesign of the Business Automation Navigator, the single place where business users go to access their business applications, to provide easy access to applications and to navigate between applications. You will also be able to access dashboards directly through the new Business Performance Center.

  • *New* Business Performance Center application that enables you to access your business dashboards from one place. You can create new dashboards by configuring multiple charts and KPI's into dashboards enabling business users to track what is important to them. The Business Automation Insights capability now also support KPIs and events from anywhere, not just Digital Business Automation components. Business Automation Insights has new business user dashboards with workforce and process monitoring. Workflow enhancements including Intelligent Task Prioritization and a containerized runtime. Read more about these features here.

  • Enhanced Business Automation Studio, the central app builder experience within the DBA platform. Introducing an updated simplified Studio landing page that makes it easier to discover related artifacts in a consistent way. Access the next generation designer integrations for Content services and Decision services so business users can quickly build business apps using the full set of DBA capabilities. Studio now includes new out of the box application template samples to help get you started:
    • Request Approval
    • Onboarding Applicants
    • Exception Handling

  • Redesign of the Application Designer landing page that makes it easier to discover related capabilities that you can build using the Application Designer. Application Designer capabilities include Applications, Application Templates and Toolkits. Authors can more easily build business apps through the improved application designer build experience. Simply drag and drop UI views to populate a page. It is now simpler to configure UI views added to a page. 

  • Workflow adds container support and Intelligent Task Prioritization features:
    • Container support that helps to modernize your existing applications and deploy to Cloud-native infrastructure with support for running workflows in a Docker container runtime orchestrated by Kubernetes, which enables better scaling, cheaper and faster application isolation, and continuous availability during upgrades. 
    • Intelligent Task Prioritization, which helps maximize an organization's productivity by automatically prioritizing tasks in a way that results in the best overall performance for your team. Using history and machine learning, this feature can predict a skill score and a performance score for every task in the worker's task list relative to all the other workers. The resulting list is sorted with high valued, high-skill and high-performance tasks at the top of their list. The worker can then prioritize their time on the highest valued tasks leading to an overall more effective workplace.
    • For more details, see this blog post

  • Content and Capture services: new mobile app and integrations that extends content and capture capabilities so users can better access enterprise content to improve business operations:
    • Mobile Capture capability that extends the reach and value of the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, with an out-of-the-box integration to FileNet and IBM Datacap. This intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android enables efficient and accurate transformation of distributed, unstructured content into actionable structured information. 
    • Native integration to Salesforce enables users to store documents in IBM FileNet Content Manager and access them from Salesforce. 
    • Native integration to IBM Enterprise Video Streaming enables streamlined storage, management and annotation of video assets, along with optimized playback capabilities. 
    • For a full list of new content and capture features see this blog post.

  • Automation Decision Services: a new, next-generation intelligent decision automation service that helps organizations offload and automate repeatable decisions, with a focus on intuitive decision modeling by business users, intelligent decisions leveraging insights from external Machine Learning models and integration with Git and IT preferred tools for decision service delivery. 

  • Improvements in the install experience to make the experience easier and faster for getting started configuration, as well as, enterprise production configurations. The new install patterns can be used interactively or programmatically and minimize parameters you have to set with preset defaults that enable getting started with all of the pre-req's and post install configuration steps rolled a set of scripts. You can tailor which components are installed together to focus on just what you need.

  • Added support for the latest RedHat OpenShift Container Platform 4.4. IBM's policy is to support the latest OpenShift point releases on the day they are generally available from RedHat.

  • Compatibility with the IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks, which is software-defined storage (SDS) for hybrid multicloud container environments. IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is a comprehensive set of SDS solutions that includes data resources for file, object, and block data, as well as services for data management. You can find the full range of storage options here.

  • Automation Workstream Services cloud based 30-day trial subscription: As of June 30, you can build no-code automation with Automation Workstream Services. Business users can quickly address operational gaps in remote work environments with simple, straightforward automation you can configure in minutes. Check out the tutorial and try it out for 30 days, free here.

We hope you upgrade to the latest version of the Cloud Pak to take advantage of all of these great new features. For more details on this release including download requirements, visit the What's New section of our Knowledge Center. Don't forget to join the DBA Community to stay up to date on blogs like this, ask questions and more.