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IBM Business Automation Workflow - Now on Containers with Other New Features

By Brian Petrini posted Tue June 23, 2020 04:26 PM

IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), which was introduced in 2018 to bring together the market-leading offerings IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) and IBM Case Manager, continues to improve as a robust, modern workflow platform.  Version of Business Automation Workflow was just announced and will be generally available on June 26th with important new features.  These features will be available in both the standalone offering of BAW as well as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation.

Container Runtime
Modernize your existing applications and deploy to a new Cloud-native infrastructureVersion 20.0 of Business Automation Workflow adds support for running Business Automation Workflow applications, including those created with IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Case Manager, in a Docker container runtime orchestrated by Kubernetes.  
Kubernetes-based orchestration allows for standardized management for provisioning, upgrades, and fixes, and provides the flexibility to scale up and down environments to address spikes in demand. This enables better scaling, cheaper and faster application isolation, and continuous availability during upgrades.
The container runtime, which is available to all BAW customers with no additional purchase required, increases speed and flexibility of deployment. In addition, if you have installed Workflow as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, you are licensed for Red Hat OpenShift, which provides end-to-end logging, monitoring, and metering, along with all the other Cloud Pak capabilities of capture, content, decisions, and tasks.

Intelligent Task Prioritization
Another new capability you can use is Intelligent Task Prioritization, which helps maximize an organization's productivity by automatically prioritizing tasks in a way that results in the best overall performance for your team. Using history and machine learning, this feature can predict a skill score and a performance score for every task in the worker's task list relative to all the other workers. The resulting list is sorted with high valued, high-skill and high-performance tasks at the top of their list. The worker can then prioritize their time on the highest valued tasks leading to an overall more effective workplace.

Business-Centric Dashboards
Business users can now get immediate insight into their operations with meaningful, professional-looking dashboards to display process and case business data.  IBM Business Automation Insights is now included as a supporting program of Business Automation Workflow. With Business Automation Insights, business users can capture the events that are generated by Business Automation Workflow business processes and cases, aggregate them into business-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), and display them on meaningful dashboards to analyze business data.

IBM Process Federation Server – included for free now
You can Install IBM Process Federation Server, now included in BAW at no extra charge, to create a federated process environment that give business users an easy way to consolidate all of their work with a single point of access to their task list and launch list. Gain flexibility in your operations management as you can monitor and administer running instances of Process Federation Server and restrict rights to create and update saved searches by using an action policy. IBM Process Federation Server, which  is a mandatory container for a BAW on containers infrastructure, can federate between traditional and container environments to enable seamless transition for your business users.