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Work Anywhere with FileNet - Any Cloud, Any Device, All Users

By KATHRYN TIRADOR posted Fri June 26, 2020 11:38 AM

Are you creating a lot of new digital content and looking for the most flexible, cost effective place to access, collaborate and manage it with others?  We all understand - now more than ever - the need to have content accessible anywhere, collaborate remotely and easily manage content in one place. FileNet Content Manager as part of the Cloud Pak for Automation, addresses these immediate needs and more. Don't let the long history of success fool you into thinking FileNet is a legacy product. Our continuous deliveries prove that IBM is investing in our Content Services portfolio to provide important features and innovations to help your enterprise achieve digital transformation.
Available today, are a ton of new features that align with these key themes that address your biggest pain-points: 
  • Flexible, simplified deployment in the cloud of choice
  • A modern, intuitive user experience promoting widespread adoption across the enterprise
  • Decrease operational costs and simplify user management and authentication with identity provider integration
  • Simplify application development and integration
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Available now
Robust and reliable content management with FileNet Content Manager
New features of FileNet Content Manager are focused on making it cost-effective for clients to deploy on the cloud of their choice and provide more cloud native integration with 3rd party PaaS solutions. IBM Enterprise Records is also now offered as a container (in addition to on-premises) to be deployed and used for comprehensive records management. Support for PostgreSQL gives you the open source database flexibility for deploying on any cloud with competitive pricing, reducing overall TCO. Additionally, Azure AD LDAP support makes it easier for you to deploy on the Azure cloud by using Azure's native directory services without the pain of having to set up a separate LDAP for use with FileNet.  AWS S3 storage-level holds can now be used to ensure that critical content cannot be deleted until the hold is lifted.  FileNet continues to innovate on container technology and now offers a Kubernetes Operator with installation patterns to simplify and streamline deployment. 
User management and administration has increased flexibility with enhanced support for Identity Providers (IdP). Identity Providers streamline user administration by providing a simple and secure mechanism for giving access to users without requiring them to be in a corporate LDAP directory. Administrators configure domains with rules for who can login, and users are automatically registered in FileNet and can be given access to documents, folders and other other objects within the system. This also allows for two-factor authentication. IdPs (like IBMid and Google ID, Ping Identity, and OKTA) that support OpenID Connect can now be used to register both internal and external users while maintaining enhanced security, making it easier than ever to securely collaborate with external parties.  
Have you been curious about our new Content Services GraphQL API? It is a modern API that is ideal for web and mobile app development. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and has great performance by only retrieving and updating the information you need. You can now try out GraphQL with your traditional WebSphere Content Platform Engine environment as you consider moving to a fully containerized environment. Read more about it here

Are you spending more time on your phone than ever before? IBM Automation Mobile Capture is included with FileNet to provide guided, intelligent mobile capture with content stored directly into FileNet. While working remotely or on the go, users can collect and submit content, such as a loan application, employee on-boarding application or government ID, from their mobile devices which intelligently extracts content and metadata, and allows users to validate content real-time at the source and upload content to be managed.  IBM Automation Mobile Capture continues to expand its functionality to help customers verify and deliver more information at the source of capture. Available today is signature validation to improve straight-through processing.  It is also a solution for enterprises that need and no longer have access to scanners/fax machines.
FileNet has recently added support for Gemalto SafeNet Key Secure as an encryption key management service. We know this is important to all who are moving applications to the cloud and in need of centralized key management in the location of your choice. FileNet also has support for IBM Key Protect, IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager and Vormetric Thales Data Security Manager. 
Unified user experience with Content Navigator and Daeja Virtual Viewer
The user experience in Content Navigator has been updated including nested search, simple paging, ability to export all search results and more - providing a modern, intuitive user experience promoting adoption across your enterprise. Excel worksheet performance and navigation has been improved and the Viewer can also be customized for different departments within your enterprise, with per-desktop configuration in Content Navigator. 
In addition to those new features launched today, remember there is a full range of powerful features including role-based redaction, merging and splitting pages within a document, editing directly in desktop applications or Office Online, and extensive customization options that let you tailor for departmental needs
SaaS with Content Services on Cloud
IBM Business Automation Content Services on Cloud provides all the core capabilities of FileNet as SaaS on the IBM Cloud. The new features being delivered continue to make this offering a great choice for those who don't want to install, manage and upgrade systems. You can securely share content with users outside of the organization where users are managed in an identity provider.  Enhancements to the User Portal make it easier for administrators to manage groups while maintaining robust security controls. Using IBM Kubernetes Service further reduces downtime and enhances resiliency, providing you with a highly available offering and allowing you to focus on important aspects of your business instead of maintaining an infrastructure. 
We hope you upgrade to the latest version of these offerings to take advantage of all of these great new features. Learn more in our announcement and documentation. Don't forget to join the DBA Community to stay up to date on blogs like this, ask questions and more.


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