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Build your knowledge of Maximo Analytics and Data with ADMUG!

By Pam Denny posted Tue January 17, 2023 09:16 AM


Weighing in with over 1,000 tables, 100,000 fields, and too many maxrelationships to count – the Maximo database is enormous.   Add in Industry Solutions, along with IBM and 3rd Party Business Party Specialized Solutions, and its size grows exponentially.

But within this mass of data – is where the true value of Maximo resides.  

From asset repair or replace decisions, work maintenance performance and planning, inventory currency and valuations - and much, much more are all dependent on the Maximo data you collect – and how you present that data for Analysis.

ADMUG (Analytics and Data Maximo User Group) is a community of Maximo users committed to sharing information, successes, strategies, and best practices on all areas of Maximo Analytics and Data.  

ADMUG works to enable your understanding of the vast amounts of data Maximo collects from day-to-day ad hoc to executive and strategic reporting, The community supports all Maximo users involved with data analysis and reporting – including the roles of report designers, developers, administrators and users. 

ADMUG welcomes all Maximo individuals – across all Maximo industries, and regions – to join the group today.   As a new group formed in January 2023, initial plans include building the group’s library (repository) of content, encouraging sharing of information, best practices and roadmap information, along with hosting ADMUG virtual conferences.

If you are interested in joining the ADMUG committee to assist in building and sharing of content, please email Pam Denny at

Remember to join the group today as we all continue to learn and explore Maximo Analytics and Data!