Analytics and Data Maximo User Group (ADMUG)

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Welcome to ADMUG  - Analytics and Data Mobile User Group!

The mission of ADMUG is to connect individuals on Maximo Analytics in advancing insight on your Asset Management implementation.  With a focus on knowledge sharing including successes and challenges – the group provides an interactive means to strengthen your analytic and data knowledge.

ADMUG welcomes all Maximo users - across all Industries and Business Roles!  

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  • Tena - Hi! Thank you very much for your interest in the ADMUG Spring 2024 conference! Unfortunately - the conference was held back in May - so the registration link that you were trying to access is no longer available. However - you can view the ...

  • @Pam Denny I'm having trouble opening the URL (maybe a network issue). Is there, maybe, another site I might try? I'm grateful. ------------------------------ tena lena ------------------------------

  • Wow! An incredible group of #MaximoMasters shared their knowledge and experiences on Maximo Data and Reporting at the May 2024 ADMUG Conference! HUGE Thank you to these incredible speakers for their time and willingness to share their best practice ...

  • Meagan - Excellent! Thank you for letting me know. Have a great week and hope to see you next week! Pam ------------------------------ Pam Denny Maven Asset Management ------------------------------

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  • Call for P resentations ! Analytics and Data Maximo User Group (ADMUG) May 2, 2024 Virtual Conference Submit your presentation proposal today to share your Maximo Analytic and Data knowledge at the May 2,2024 Virtual ADMUG ...

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    Got 20?

    The ADMUG team did…and wow! What fantastic information was shared in 20-Minute Discussions by the Analytics and Data Maximo User Group in their FIRST Virtual Maximo Conference! Anne from the US Bureau of Reclamation - shared experiences and ...