Are Your Data Centers Keeping You From Sustainability?

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Wed October 05, 2022 01:58 PM

Automating application resource management should be your first step in the sustainability journey.

Imagine driving your car to work, parking it in the parking lot and then leaving it running all day long just because you might step out for lunch at some point. If you manage a data center and leave applications running that you’re using periodically, you’re in essence doing the same thing — wasting money and energy.

Data centers account for 1% of the world’s electricity use and are one of the fastest-growing global consumers of electricity. On top of this, almost every data center in the world is dramatically overprovisioned. The average rate of server utilization is only 12-18% of capacity. The smart way to address the issue is to automate application resource management, which assures application performance and increases your data center’s utilization. This materially reduces cost and energy use.


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