Webinar: Stan's Deep Dive on Monitoring Java Workloads within Service Meshes

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When:  Sep 20, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


Developers are faced with a growing challenge: How do we troubleshoot software that may be comprised of many disparate services running in a variety of languages and platforms. How can we notice critical changes, see into our black-box services, and discern the true causes of errors?
Not too long ago, debugging a program usually meant one thing: browsing error logs. This approach was fine for small teams running simple programs in a small number of instances.

But things are always changing. Our software architecture paradigms evolved from monoliths to microservices. Our responsibilities have changed with the emergence of DevOps, which represents a shift in the way developers take responsibility for our programs after delivery.
Join this webinar to:
  • Learn about Service Meshes with Instana Agent
  • Learn how they affect traffic that should reach the Agent
  • Learn how the Agent works to mitigate these problems

Key Speakers
Felix Marx - Technical Lead – Team Agent – Senior Software Engineer

Henning Treu - PM Agent, Logging Applications

Milica Cvrkota - Software Developer/Team Lead


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