The ABC’s of Enterprise Observability webinar

When:  May 17, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM (ET)

Everybody knows they should be installing an Observability solution. More than the next new monitoring thing, Observability is an absolute requirement for operating orchestrated, containerized microservices. But just knowing you need it doesn't make it happen. In fact, many legacy monitoring vendors have tried to make Observability a "buzzword," claiming that their application monitoring tools are somehow magically observability tools.
Bernd Harzog of APM Experts define observability as having “the data that you need (the logs, metrics, traces and dependency maps) for every single unit of work that your application and its underlying system software perform that is of interest to the business.”  
Going beyond the basics of observability, Enterprise Observability delivers contextualized data, correlating interactions across your entire IT environment. Join us for this fireside chat to hear from industry leaders as they share the secrets of achieving true Enterprise Observability.  We’ll show you what it means to find data, handle data and analyze data, making it enterprise-ready for optimizing the performance of today’s highly complex IT environments.

Pratik Gupta
Pratik Gupta
CTO, Hybrid Cloud Mgmt., IBM Distinguished Engineer
AI Powered  Automation

Pratik Gupta is the Chief Technical Officer for IBM Hybrid Cloud Management and the Chief Architect of Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management in the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Organization. His current areas of interest are Cloud Management, AI and Automation.

Prior to that, he has held both business and technical executive positions in IBM Cloud spanning Product Development, Business Development, Strategy and Archicture.

Pratik has broad business leadership and technical leadership experience in developing new products that help enterprises transform their IT with Cloud and SaaS. He has managed large, geographically distributed teams and has strong relationships with enterprise CxOs and industry analysts. Pratik has multiple patents in the areas of Computer Security, Cloud Computing and Systems Management.

Pratik has an MBA from Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, M.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, and B.E. in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

Mirko Novakovic
Mirko Novakovic
Co-Founder and CEO
Instana, an IBM Company

Mirko Novakovic is a co-founder and CEO at Instana, an IBM Company specializing in Enterprise Observability for Cloud-Native applications. Prior to Instana, Mirko was the founder and CEO of codecentric, a global leader in developing, deploying and optimizing enterprise applications and APM solutions. Mirko has spent two decades in the technology industry focusing on application performance and modern software development practices.

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