Webinar: IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps v4.6 unveils VM deployment option for enhanced efficiency

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When:  Jul 16, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM (ET)


IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps v4.6 introduces a VM deployment option, empowering clients with a self-managed solution. Leveraging AI capabilities, the platform facilitates operations teams in navigating incidents across diverse environments with heightened effectiveness. This innovation fosters a data-informed approach, enabling organizations to prioritize critical issues while optimizing automation, fortifying security, and modernizing both business and IT operations. Register for our webinar today to learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps v4.6!

In this webinar, you can:

  • Understand how the VM deployment enables ops teams to handle incidents more effectively across heterogeneous environments, leveraging AI for improved data-informed decision-making
  • Learn how this client-managed solution helps organizations automate processes and modernize both business and IT operations, ensuring a more resilient and agile infrastructure

Key speakers

James Moore, Senior Product Manager - Team Lead, AIOps, IBM

James Moore is responsible for offering management and strategy for AIOps at IBM solutions including Cloud Pak for AIOps. James joined IBM from the Candle acquisition in 2004, where he was product manager for Candle's Application Response Time product lines. James has over 15 years’ experience in event management, application performance management, and business service management.

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