Elevating an Existing Netcool installation to the next level with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps we

When:  May 5, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM (ET)

Elevating an established IT-Service 
Management installation into a highly 
integrated AIOps solution has been made 
easy with IBM. In this session we will 
showcase how the level of automation can
be raised to relieve operators from day-to-
day tasks, manual system interaction, and
error prone actions by applying AI and 
automation to traditional IT operations, 
event management, predictive insights 
and more. We will highlight best practices 
and share real uses cases from our client.

Michael Troitzsch
Michael Troitzsch
Network/System Management Solution Architect

With many years of experience in Systems-, Network- and Event-management, Michael is responsible for all technical aspects of DICOS‘ IBM partnership. Prior to DICOS, Michael worked in similar roles on the vendor side in this space, last for Micromuse Inc. So Michael, as well as DICOS, has a focus on Netcool for more than 20 years and now starts to follow IBM into the Watson AIOps era. Not leaving classical Netcool customers behind, Michael and his team help their customers to plan, build and run modern IT Operations systems. Migration from Netcool Operations Insight to Watson AIOps will be an important task for the coming months and years.

Fred Harald Klien
Fred Harald Klien
Executive IT-Specialist
IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software

Fred studied Computer Science and Electronics at the Technical University of Berlin, from where he earned a Masters degree. He is the IBM Watson AIOps SWAT team lead and supports IBM customers around the world on their journey from classical IT-Service Management to AI infused operations. He has also spent a number of years consulting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, furthering his passion for innovation and technology. Fred is a certified software trainer, influencer and blogger. His specialization lies within the Network Management and Telecommunications sector.

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