Automated Orchestration of a Site Plan using IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation webinar

When:  May 6, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Before telecom network operators can deploy workloads they must first plan and build the data centre sites they require to run them.  This is a significant effort that involves aggregating several sources of information and requirements into a unified site specification.  Building and managing the ongoing operations of the site is also complex and often detached from the plan as time goes on, making it difficult to co-ordinate changes to optimize and scale.


This webcast focuses on the Site Planner component of IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation (CPNA), which aims to reduce the effort involved in all three areas: planning, building and managing. It provides a single pane source-of-truth for documenting the desired data centre networks. It then goes beyond simple data capture by integrating with the CPNA intent engine, to automate the realisation of the plan, and any future changes, from a plug-n-play catalog of automation packages.

Daniel Vaccaro-Senna
Daniel Vaccaro-Senna
Software Developer
IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software

Daniel Vaccaro-Senna is a Software Developer in the IBM Software Defined Networking group. He works in a team focused on the orchestration and site planner components of IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation (CPNA).

Daniel joined IBM through the Accanto acquisitation in 2020. He spent 3 years at Accanto, where the orchestration component of CPNA was conceived and developed.

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