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  • 1.  IPv6 transition monitoring

    Posted Thu December 01, 2022 06:54 AM
    Hi all,
     I'm interested if anyone out there has applied SevOne to monitor the process of an IPv6 rollout/ transition within a large organization/ enterprise to take a look at the transition progress and benefits of the IPv6 usage over IPv4. Topics of interest include not only the pure usage of the two protocols throughout an organization/ enterprise or defined infrastructure but also how applications do benefit from IPv6 capabilities. As many enterprises in mature markets still run on IPv4 this may be an option to make benefits of a transition transparent to CIO and C-level executives.
    Comments welcome/ appreciated.

    Ulf Greifzu
    IT Architect, IBM Germany

  • 2.  RE: IPv6 transition monitoring

    Posted Mon December 05, 2022 09:41 AM
    Hi Ulf - 

    Whilst I don't have a specific customer I can refer you to - theres two ways you could use IBM SevOne NPM to monitor IPv6 transition - 

    First, and possibly the easiest to implement would be to have SevOne monitor the customers IPAM solution, typically we see Infoblox being widely used. With our out of the box SNMP polling support, we can monitor the Infoblox grid for statistics such as IP address utilisation across both v4 and v6 subnet allocations. This would allow the customer to quickly create a report showing v4 vs v6 utilisation across thier estate.

    Secondly, SevOne also support the monitoring of Netflow (v5/9), IPFIX, sFlow etc. If the customer is able to send netflow records to SevOne we can understand application flows in both IPv4 and IPv6 domains. Again, the customer would be able to create reports to understand what applications are making the transition. What we've found is that a lot of customers will provide both v4/v6 dual stack however some older clients will continue to prefer IPv4 - using a SevOne netflow report they can identify those servers or people that are still hitting v4 and migrate those to v6 or understand whom would be impacted if they considered shutting off IPv4.

    Hope this provides some food for thought.


    Rupert Gregory