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Client Configuration Manager RRS feed installation issues

  • 1.  Client Configuration Manager RRS feed installation issues

    Posted Wed September 14, 2022 08:32 AM
    Edited by Stephanie Wilkerson Mon October 17, 2022 02:56 PM

    Hello to everyone. Aashish Steel is where I work.

    I'm losing my mind. It is difficult for me to install the Configuration Manager agent on the computers.

    I can easily install the client on the DC as well as the sole SCCM server.

    I tried several solutions:

    - The SCCM Server and computer firewalls have been turned off.

    - I own the local administrator account.

    - I can use the account to access "computer admin."

    - Using WBEMTEST, I confirmed that I have a connection to both the server and the computer.

    Aashish Steel

  • 2.  RE: Client Configuration Manager RRS feed installation issues

    Posted Mon April 10, 2023 08:25 AM
    1. Check the client logs: Look for error messages in the logs to find out what's causing the problem.

    2. Check the account used for installation: Ensure that the account used to install Configuration Manager agent has the necessary permissions and can log in as a service.

    3. Check the installation settings: Verify that the client push installation settings are correct.

    4. Check the network connectivity: Make sure that the client computer can communicate with the SCCM server over the required ports.

    5. Check for any third-party security software: Disable any third-party security software temporarily to see if that's causing the issue.
      Click here for more information.

    Terry Albert