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  • 1.  AIOPs: Tools for an old-school professional

    Posted Fri November 03, 2023 12:38 PM

    We can classify ourselves as being an old-school professional accustomed to using Netcool's query tools via command line. Used to analyzing logs to identify the causes of problems.

    I miss this when I start looking at AIOps.

    I have several questions about the structure of the database used in the solution. We have developed several troubleshooting automation scripts to analyze the causes of problems and to anticipate the correction of future failures.

    How can we analyze the structure of the AIOPs alert database. It is compatible with the OMNIbus Database or another database platform.

    As those responsible for the Administration and Maintenance of AIOPs, we need more information from AIOPs internals.

    We have several questions about how to adapt the management mechanisms currently adopted for AIOPs.

    Thanks in advance for all attention.

    Antonio Gadelha

  • 2.  RE: AIOPs: Tools for an old-school professional

    Posted Mon December 11, 2023 10:28 AM

    Transitioning from Netcool to AIOps is a challenge. Check AIOps documentation for database structure. You might need to adapt existing scripts and management processes. Collaboration with the AIOps provider is key for effective adaptation.


    Thanks Ryan L. Moses


    Ryan L. Moses

  • 3.  RE: AIOPs: Tools for an old-school professional

    Posted Tue January 02, 2024 12:27 PM

    I understand your concerns about transitioning from Netcool's command line tools to AIOps. Adapting to new systems can be challenging, especially when troubleshooting methodologies differ. Analyzing the structure of the AIOps alert database is crucial for effective troubleshooting and automation. Unfortunately, direct access to the internal structure might not be readily available in AIOps, unlike in Netcool's Database.

    Regarding compatibility, AIOps might not directly match the structure of OMNIbus Database or other platforms you're familiar with. It's essential to explore available documentation or seek vendor support for insights into the internal workings of AIOps. As for adapting management mechanisms, it might involve a learning curve, but integrating your troubleshooting automation scripts could streamline processes.

    However, transitioning tools, especially when their internal workings differ significantly, could pose challenges. Exploring available resources and seeking assistance from AIOps vendors might aid in overcoming these hurdles. Much like mastering the intricacies of a micro bully's temperament, grasping the internals of AIOps might require patience and dedication.

    Adam Myer