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Nordic ITSM User Group Meeting 2018 - Some anwers to questions

  • 1.  Nordic ITSM User Group Meeting 2018 - Some anwers to questions

    Posted Thu November 15, 2018 10:26 AM
    Hi all,

    We got some answers to some of the questions asked:

    IBM Cloud Application Business Insights (ICABI)

    Q: Licensing and pricing for ICABI. How to calculate/estimate users for "authorised users" and what is definition of "authorised user" --- all ICABI users?
    A: Basically, it is priced on the number of users that have been given access to ICABI. Each user requires their own user ID. The list price is $5210 per user.

    Q: Data retention period (32 days)?
    A: Data retention doesn't really apply to ICABI. It relies on the source of data.
    If the source of the data can store data for longer, then ICABI can display it.
    With APM v8, we only allow for 32 days of data. However,with APM v8 and ITM V6, you can storage longer term history data in the summarization tables. So, data could be shown longer.

    Q: Where do we find documentation, URLs... Doesn't seem to be possible to find searching on MarketPlace?
    A: Found in IBM Knowledge Center via Announcement Letter (in the "Publications" section).

    Runbook Automation (RBA):

    Q: Is it possible to see success rate on Runbooks?
    A: Yes, you get a percent success rate and a rating from 1 to 5 stars

    Q: When new version of runbook will rating then be reset?
    A: If you update the runbook, the rating and success rate get reset.

    General questions:

    Q: What is outlook for IBM Cloud App Management as SaaS solution (similar to APM in SaaS today)?
    A: Hard to give precise timeline, but rough timeline is during 2019. A lot will depend on how quickly we can deliver functionality and demand from customers.

    Q: Similar GUI's for Cloud Event Management (CEM) and IBM Cloud App Management - evolve to "one solution"?
    A: By Q4, you will see a single consistent UI between CEM and ICAM. Currently users get a limited set of CEM capabilities, but those limitations will be removed.
    When you deploy ICAM, you will get the full CEM UI and capabilities. You can use those full CEM capabilities for any server where you have ICAM licensing to monitor that server.

    Willy Sejr Dierks
    IT Specialist
    IBM Danmark ApS
    +45 2560 3207