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Recording - "Service Modelling using Topology Manager", webinar by Julius Wahidin

By Veeramani Nambi posted Fri August 12, 2022 03:50 AM

Discussion Highlights

Is there a way to do the 'merge' without running a File Observer.

Maybe I missed, both matchtoken rule and merge rule needs to be imported by File Observer in order to do something like that, right?

how can you create service views using for example Azure tags? IS it possible ?

What are the best practices on how to define such static merge rules while handling those dynamically discovered stuff so that we we can always have a valid view of the components with better structure?

Do we have example using NaaS rather than PaaS / IaaS systems for service modelling ?

So if an application workload moves infrastructure will ASM pick up this move and display the new relationship ?

Also today we have ASM v1.1.10 on-The Premise and does this version support network topology [Cisco / Juniper mainly] based via ITNM observers or i should move on to any latest platform

Any experience with Integrating with Topo from SevOne?

technology is one thing - but who are the user of it - SRE ? and how to introduce this to an organisation , due to it will have impact in how the manage the business

If our organization have lic of WatsonAIOPS can we use ASM as part of it or it has other Lic calculation like ITNM ?

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