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ANZ AIOps & Management User Group Event - Summary & Articles

By Veeramani Nambi posted Fri April 16, 2021 08:08 AM


Thank You !!

A big thanks to Partners/Customers and IBMers for participating in the event. As Magoo pointed out, this is only a start, for all the activities to follow here. Have received extremely encouraging words from some of the participants. 

All the materials used in the event and the recording of the event has been uploaded in the library section of the User Group.

Topic Speakers Link to the material
Recording of the kickoff event Magoo, Veer Nambi, Finbarr Hennessy, Richard Wilkins Recording of the event
Watson AIOps - How did we get here ! Finbarr Hennessy How did we get here
What's new with Watson AIOps Richard Wilkins What's new with Watson AIOps
Agenda for 2021 Finbarr Hennessy User Group agenda for 2021

Please expect a very short survey on the event, which should not more than 2 minutes of your time. Will be super glad to receive your feedback.

Thanks Again !