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Integration Stories - Incident Management - CloudPak for WatsonAIOps & ServiceNow

By Veeramani Nambi posted Wed March 24, 2021 02:50 PM

Creating incident tickets automatically once it occurs, has been done for a longtime. Is it efficient? No.
  • Because, they are created by defining manual thresholds, which needs to be looked into time and again. 
  • Because, there is a flooding of events, contributing to flooding of tickets. Making it impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff or signal from the noise
  • Without context, even the signals will not get properly addressed/resolved
WatsonAIOps's capability, as given below, significantly improves incident resolutions
  • To automatically understand, What is normal and what is not (without any need to define manual thresholds)
  • To group events together and creating a ticket
  • To provide application centric context
  • To suggest likely solutions, by going through the past incidents
  • And also rollout runbooks to implement them
Integration with ServiceNow is a very key part in achieving this. Read more about this here -> ServiceNow Integration Update

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