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Configuring ITCAM Agent for MSSQL Login User

By IMWUC Community Team posted Tue October 15, 2019 02:31 AM


by Sushama Kulkarni

Product: ITCAM for Microsoft Applications - Monitoring agent for Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL)


Monitoring agent for MSSQL Server connects to the SQL server instance using a specific login user and password. Here we will take a look at the agent configuration panel for specifying an authorized user and authentication method with which agent should connect to the SQL Server instance.

Note: The login user of the agent must be granted permissions by the SQL Server administrator. If required permissions are not granted to the user, then the agent will fail to collect monitoring data. Refer to documentation for details on this topic.1

Two types of authentication to SQL server are possible:

1) SQL Server authentication - user is defined in the SQL Server instance.

2) Windows OS authentication - Windows OS user is authorized to connect to SQL Server instance.

Configuring SQL login user for the agent:

Monitoring agent configuration panel "Database Server Properties" allows you to specify the type of authentication to use.


1) SQL Server authentication:

Specify SQL Server user in Login field, and password in Password field of the configuration panel. Uncheck the Windows Authentication checkbox. When this configuration is used, agent uses SQL server authentication to connect to the SQL Server instance.



2) Windows OS authentication:

If agent should connect to SQL Server instance using Windows OS authentication, then check the Windows Authentication checkbox in the configuration panel. Login and Password inputs are not needed, and are ignored by the agent. Agent tries to connect to SQL server with OS user which started the agent and collector services.

If the agent is started by Local System, NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM account, then this account must be able to connect to the SQL Server, and have required permissions. To start agent as a specific OS user, use 'Change Startup...' option from Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services(MTEMS) GUI interface. Enter the Windows OS user in 'This Account' field of the Service Startup panel for the agent. When the agent is started, the specified user will run the agent instance processes, and the monitoring agent will connect to SQL server using this same user.



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