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Helping Us Help You - Troubleshooting the KDY0008E Error

By Shaun Rodger posted Mon August 06, 2018 02:29 PM


Hello folks,

I'm back with another quick blog for you.  Sometimes a customer might run into an error similar to this one when they're trying to do a remote deploy of an agent -

KDY0008E: The file K20WIX64.dsc was not transferred to target-system from hub-tems-name. The file download did not complete because either this file could not be written to the agentdepot directory or there was a communication problem during the file transfer to the target system.

There are a number of possible causes for these message to be returned.  I've listed the most common causes here for you -

1. Your endpoint has run out of disk space!  Free up space and attempt the agent deploy again.

2. The CANDLEHOME directory on the endpoint has had its permissions changed and the OS Agent can no longer open files in the tmaitm6/agentdepot directory.  You'll need to check the file permissions and correct them if necessary.

3. The RTEMS has momentarily lost its connection to the Depot on a mount point while the deployment is underway.  In this case wait a while and try again.

4. The OS Agent cannot create/open the file named %Candle_Home%\tmaitm6\agentdepot\knt\062301000\KNTWIX64.dsc on the endpoint machine. This is a Operating System reported File I/O error and you'd need your local Admin to look into that to see why the OS might be reporting an error.

5. The target machine still has kinconfig.exe processes running. Close these after checking using either the ps-ef command on *nix or the Task Manager on Windows and attempt the deploy again.

If you still can't get the deploy to complete after checking all these options, I'd raise a PMR with IBM Support for further assistance.


Thanks for reading!