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AIOps - Topology Manager - update file-observer file before each run via command line

By Krishna Kodali posted Wed March 02, 2022 01:39 PM


Observer: File-Observer, Environment: AIOps - Topology Manager/ASM running on OCP.

Ask - How to update/overwrite existing file-observer file before each run via command line?

This one is a 3 step process :
1) Identify unique_id of the existing observer job 
2) Replace the existing file using either same/different file name
3) Run the job using the values of 1st and 2nd steps.

1) Find out the unique_id of the existing job, in this example, it’s called ‘first-vcenter.txt’., then you’ll need to know the provider, in this case it’s ‘NCIM1’.

2) Replace the existing file using either same/different file name 

The syntax for curl, and list of all possible parameters can be found at swagger ui , you can find respective URL at -


In my example, the URL for file-observer is:!/ . You can find syntax reference under ‘Files -> PUT’ section on how to overwrite, rename files using cURL:

As stated in above screen-shot, if you are trying to replace existing file, you can’t use POST, you’ll end up with below error:

# curl -Ls -k -u $ASM_USER:$ASM_PASS -X POST --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-TenantID: cfd95b7e-3bc7-4006-a4a8-a73a79c71255' --url '' --form 'job_file=@/tmp/ first-vcenter.txt;filename=first-vcenter.txt’

{"_error":{"message":"File already exist.","level":"warning"}}

Here is the syntax you should use to overwrite existing file using ‘PUT’: 

# curl -Ls -k -u $ASM_USER:$ASM_PASS -X PUT --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-TenantID: cfd95b7e-3bc7-4006-a4a8-a73a79c71255' --url '' --form 'job_file=@/tmp/ first-vcenter.txt;filename=first-vcenter.txt'

["Updated successfully"]

3) One the file is updated, you can kick off job via CLI using following:

#curl -Ls -k -u $ASM_USER:$ASM_PASS -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-TenantID: cfd95b7e-3bc7-4006-a4a8-a73a79c71255' -d '{ "unique_id": "first-vcenter.txt", "parameters": { "provider": "NCIM1", "file": "first-vcenter.txt"}, "scheduleRequest": true }' 'https://noi-topology.noi.apps.'

You can validate job history via UI by navigating to specific observer job:

Or if you want to track via log – you could run following to confirm job status:

# oc logs -f noi-topology-file-observer-5c89f47665-r6tb6 | grep FINISHED

INFO   [2022-03-02 17:55:46,137] [cfd95b7e-3bc7-4006-a4a8-a73a79c71255:first-vcenter.txt] c.i.i.t.o.p.e.EndOfObservation -  cfd95b7e-3bc7-4006-a4a8-a73a79c71255:first-vcenter.txt Waiting for state FINISHED

INFO   [2022-03-02 17:55:46,580] [pool-12-thread-2] c.i.i.t.o.p.e.EndOfObservation -  cfd95b7e-3bc7-4006-a4a8-a73a79c71255:first-vcenter.txt Kafka message detected state change from FINISHING to FINISHED