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AIOps v3.2 - Topology API Part 1 : Enabling Topology Manager API

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Mon March 07, 2022 04:16 PM


This document explains about how to enable and use Topology Manager API service in IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

1. Enabling Topology Manager API Route

  1. Open the web console of the OCP Cluster where WAIOps AIMgr is installed.

  2. Open the ASM Operator by doing the following.

  • Choose the Installed Operators mneu
  • Choose the project cp4waiops
  • Choose IBM Netcool Agile Service Manager operator

  1. Choose the Yaml tab and the yaml would be like this.

As seen in the image, need to add the below values at the license attribute level. ( metadata > annotations > alm-examples > spec > helmValuesASM )

  "helmValuesASM": {
      "global.enableAllRoutes": true"
  1. Wait for 2 minutes, the routes will start getting created.

2. Retrieve Topology Manager API access details

A shell script files/ is available to print the url and access details of the Topology API.

1. Update NAMESPACE property

In the above script file, update the below property to point to WAIOps AIMgr installed namespace


2. Login into OCP Cluster

Login into the OCP Cluster where WAIOps AIMgr is installed

oc login ....

3. Print the Topology Manager API and access details

Run the below script

sh files/

As a result, Topology API url and access details will be printed like the below.


3. Swagger UI

The Swagger UI url will be printed as part of the above script. The TOPO_API_URL_SWAGGER url to be used to open the Swagger UI.

The above printed User, Password and TenantId fields would be used in Swagger UI.

Swagger UI allows anyone to visualize and interact with the API’s resources.

Note :

  1. The article is based on the the following.
  • RedHat OpenShift 4.8 on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 3.2.0
  1. API service is not officially supported for production.