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Navigating IT Turbulence: Master Incident Resolution with AI Applied IT Ops

By Esther Kim posted Mon October 16, 2023 09:50 AM

Empowering IT Excellence: IBM's AIOps Insights & Cloud Pak for AIOps SolutionsUnlock the future of IT operations with IBM's event management & incident response solutions. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, the challenges faced by IT practitioners have grown in complexity, making traditional "break-fix" incident management strategies obsolete.
To address these pressing demands, IBM offers two formidable solutions:


These cutting-edge products harness the power of secure and reliable AI and intelligent automation to provide comprehensive IT visibility, probable cause analysis, and augmented incident remediation. With AIOps Insights and Cloud Pak for AIOps, organizations can proactively prevent issues, dramatically accelerate incident resolution, reduce operational noise, enhance decision-making with contextual insights, and achieve significant cost efficiencies. Explore our suite of "Bite-Size" video catalog to delve deeper into these solutions and elevate your event management and incident response to new heights.
Join Esther Kim, a UX designer at IBM, as she illustrates how IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps helps IT Operations quickly understand and address issues that arise within their environment. Learn more about the general concept of IT incidents, which are collections of insights derived from various data sources like events, topology, and logs. These incidents provide crucial context for understanding and resolving operational problems.
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