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ITCAM4Tx - How to upgrade Rational Functional Tester?

By eric montagnon posted Mon August 13, 2018 12:19 PM


If you are currently using  ITCAM for Transactions version with Rational Functional Tester (RFT) on Windows, you need to be aware that all this environment will no longer be supported soon, or already is out of support.

RFT version 8.2 is already out of support since April 2016, see :


ITCAM for Transactions V7.3 is out of support at the end of April 2017, see :


So one option is upgrade for example Rational Functional Tester to v8.6 from v8.2, but how?


Can the Rational Functional Tester v8.6 use the scripts which were recorded in v8.2?




Yes RFT 8.2 scripts can be upgraded to RFT 8.6. Here is the procedure to upgrade RFT v8.2 to v8.6 on your existing Windows system, where RFT 8.2 is currently installed :


1. Using Windows "Add/ Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" from the Control Panel, uninstall the Rational Integration Support plug-in (named "ITCAM for Transactions v7.3 Integration plug-in")


2. Using IBM Installation Manager, uninstall RFT 8.2 (there is no "direct upgrade" from 8.2 to 8.6)

3. install RFT 8.6 using RFT installation images (see part numbers below)


Remark : the existing project(s) and workspace(s) are not deleted when you uninstall RFT 8.2.


4. install the Rational Integration Support plug-in  for RFT 8.6 (see matrix below to find out which Rational Integration Support plug-in to use, from which ITCAM for Tx installation package). For example, if you have installed RFT, you can use package, or higher.


5. After the installation of RFT v8.6 is complete, start RFT and you just need to reuse the existing workspace(s).

When you will connect and access to a functional test project elements, RFT will tell you that the project is from an old version and it will be upgraded then.


6. Then run your Functional Test script, make sure all is still ok and that manual playback is successful inside RFT, then export it to AMC (t3 agent) depot,
using the ITCAM4Tx Export feature.

7. Then you can playback your RFT script robotically on a RRT v7.4.0.1 (or higher) agent, using ITCAM for Tx with a robotic profile.


In order to determine which version of Robotic Response Time agent you need to robotically playback your RFT scripts, see this matrix document :!/wiki/Tivoli%20Composite%20Application%20Manager/page/ITCAM%20RPT%20RFT%20Robot%20Support%20Matrix


The second approach for RFT upgrade can be to back up the whole workspace directory content on the RFT 8.2 system, and restore it on a new system where RFT 8.6 was installed. So you keep the 'old' Windows system with RFT 8.2, and you make sure all is ok with your new Windows system with RFT 8.6. Then you can decommission your RFT 8.2 Windows environment.


The workspace directory content that you copied over to the new Windows system is not upgraded !during RFT v8.6 installation!, it will be upgraded after, when you access the project items from the RFT workbench, so after RFT installation is complete.


Another way of backup/restore of your scripts and their elements within the RFT environment, is to save/export the functional test project(s) from old RFT system, and then import the functional test project(s) from new RFT system, after RFT new version installation is complete.

see RFT documentation links below.

Export Test Assets :

Import Test Assets:


Rational Functional Tester V8.6 part numbers for installation :

You can download from IBM Passport Advantage the RFT 8.6 packages available for download, which are currently, when this blog was published :

IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.6 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembl(CRT17ML), which includes :
- IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.6 Setup Multiplatform Multilingual (CN0ZQML )
-   IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.6 Core Multiplatform Multilingual (CN0ZRML )


IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.6.0.3 Core Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembl(CRV8IML), which includes :
-   IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.6.0.3 Setup Multilingual Multiplatfor(CN4P1ML )
-   IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.6.0.3 CORE Multilingual Multiplatfor(CN4P2ML )

So the part numbers that you need to download are :
for RFT : CN4P1ML and CN4P2ML

As RFT  and RFT are supported with ITCAM for Tx v7.4.0.1 (7.4 fp1) or higher, you can choose one or the other.


Remarks : Regarding RFT version 8.2 or RFT version 8.3,  if you still need somehow to download Rational Functional Tester 8.2 and 8.3 :
read  first!/wiki/Tivoli%20Composite%20Application%20Manager/page/ITCAM%20RPT%20RFT%20Robot%20Support%20Matrix

Concerning RFT v8.3

 ITCAM for Transactions v7.4.0.0 GA code only bundled initially RFT 8.3

documented in this link:

it's listing the following part number for IBM Rational 8.3 : CRP34ML. it says
eAssembly: IBM Rational 8.3 for IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transactions V7.4 - CRP34ML

BUT when searching this part number CRP34ML in IBM software download, it's now containing only RFT v8.6 and RPT v9.0 (but not RFT v8.3)

If you search directly in IBM software downloads web site, with search criteria:

IBM Rational Functional Tester V8

then you should find :
IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.3 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly (CRKN5ML)
which contains in it :
- IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.3 Setup Multiplatform Multilingual Part 1 (CIDJ8ML )
- IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.3 Core Multiplatform Multilingual Part 1 (CIDJ9ML )

So I advice for RFT 8.3 to download part numbers CIDJ8ML and CIDJ9ML.


Concerning RFT v8.2

ITCAM for Transactions v7.3.0.0 GA code and code only bundled RFT 8.2, as documented here again in the Matrix doc:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Composite%20Application%20Manager/page/ITCAM%20RPT%20RFT%20Robot%20Support%20Matrix

I then searched on this link:

which says :
IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.2 Setup Multiplatform Multilingual Image number: Multiplatform CZR0TML
IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.2 Core Multiplatform Multilingual Part 1  Image number: Multiplatform CZR0UML

I searched directly in IBM software download, with search criteria:
IBM Rational Functional Tester V8

and I have found
IBM Rational Functional Tester Plus V8.2 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly (Core) (CRE55ML)
which contains :
- IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.2 Setup Multilingual Multiplatform Multilingual Part 1 (CZR0TML)
- IBM Rational Functional Tester V8.2 Core Multiplatform Multilingual Part 1 (CZR0UML)

So for RFT 8.2, I advice to download part numbers : CZR0TML and CZR0UML