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Flexera an IBM-certified alternative for ILMT

By Annie Sheil posted Tue May 24, 2022 04:04 PM

Steve Schmidt - Vice President Product Management, Flexera
Melita Mauer - Vice President, EMEA, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software Sales & Licensing

Let’s face it, no matter the vendors involved, IT asset management (ITAM) is complex, expensive and time-intensive for enterprises. Flexera’s 2022 State of ITAM found that 83% of software asset management (SAM) teams’ time is spent toward audit activities, and the top challenges included maturing the SAM practice, dealing with new environments (SaaS, cloud, containers) and finding ways to optimize software use.

As they continue to adopt hybrid, multi-cloud strategies—with software and applications running across public, private and on-premises environments—many IT professionals acknowledge they need to better manage and improve the reclamation of underused or unused products. Enterprises face significant cost penalties if licenses are found to be non-compliant or if resources aren’t utilized appropriately. Add in the gap in skills facing many organizations as they attempt to mature their processes and this challenge is multiplied.

Businesses need IT expertise to manage automation technologies. But there’s good news. To help overcome today’s complex obstacles, Flexera and IBM have developed another way to help you visualize your entire IT estate, lower costs and automate these increasingly complicated tasks.

Now you have choice and flexibility for IBM software license management  

IBM’s License Metric Tool ( ILMT) is an on-premises solution that is specific to IBM and provides IBM inventory for reporting license compliance to IBM. It’s required to leverage sub-capacity licensing and for customers participating in IBM’s Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) program.

IBM recently announced that Flexera One’s IT Asset Management is now an IBM-certified alternative to ILMT. IBM Software clients can now use Flexera One’s IT Asset Management with IBM Observability or Flexera One from Flexera as a certified option to manage their software licenses from IBM alongside other vendors with a single solution. This allows you to see your entire IT estate from on-premises to SaaS to the cloud—and it also lets you automate the manual tasks of software licenses and resource optimization.

Manage your IBM software licenses and other vendors with a single solution   

Now you can manage your hybrid cloud and multivendor environment while satisfying audit reporting requirements for IBM software compliance without the need for ILMT.  A Passport Advantage exception addendum is no longer required.

  • Manage and optimize multiple strategic vendors with a single solution (e.g., IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and more)
  • A SaaS-based delivery model lowers administrative overhead with ease of deployment
  • Discover, identify and normalize IBM products
  • IBM bundle recognition
  • High-water mark and sub-capacity license positions
  • Integration with IBM Passport Advantage to import entitlements
  • Certified for audit reporting, no IBM Passport Advantage amendment required

As you would expect from any world-class SaaS provider, your data is not only secure—it is YOUR data. Unless specifically authorized by you, Flexera will never share license positions, usage or any other data with IBM. Authorization must come via your agreements with IBM.

Reduce your risk, enhance your vendor relationship and deliver optimization for your IBM technology with Flexera One with IBM Observability, an industry-leading software asset management platform. 

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Want to find out more? Watch our Webinar with IBM Licensing and Flexera executives to learn how to manage your IBM software licenses alongside other vendors with Flexera One with IBM Observability.

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