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3.5 CP4WAIOps, new Integration between WAIOps and Turbonomic

By Ankita Pandey posted Tue November 22, 2022 04:31 PM


Newly-launched integration between Watson AIOps and Turbonomic, in latest IBM Cloud Pack for Watson AIOps release

The unprecedented digital transformation that’s taken place following the global pandemic has created a need for enhanced IT infrastructure, rapid migration to cloud and better management of these hybrid cloud solutions. IBM’s response to this very need has been reflected through three synergistic solutions:


  • IBM Observability by Instana APM
  • Turbonomic Application Resource Management
  • IBM Cloud Paks and IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps

With the latest release of Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps – version 3.5 – IBM includes an integration between Turbonomic ARM and Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. Through this integration, users are able to unleash the complete, combined value of all three products within this powerful AIOps solution:

  • Instana (Observe): Fast time to value with dynamic discovery and accurate real time performance monitoring
  • Turbonomic (Optimize): Action plans to proactively deliver the most efficient use of application resources
  • CP4WAIOps (Automate): AI based insights to improve issue resolution and reduce operational costs


To provide a deeper explanation of the capability recently added in the Turbonomic and IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps integration, let’s consider the following scenario: 

A customer has deployed Instana, Turbonomic and Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps in their application environment. The application runs in a containerized environment where Instana is monitoring the application, to provide accurate and real time information of the application performance to SREs. Turbonomic is also connected to the same environment and collects the data about services and infrastructure supporting the application. It also analyzes the data for continuous optimization of the resources. Additionally, Cloud Pack for Watson AIOps is deployed in this environment to receive and correlate all of the information collected from Instana, Turbonomic and any other sources in order to reduce noise and provide quick resolution of problems affecting or negatively impacting the application.




Suddenly, we start noticing that an anomaly has occurred in the system. With our deployed AIOps solutions, Instana quickly discovers and detects performance issues in the application and forwards topology, events and metrics information to Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. Upon receiving metrics from Instana, the AIOps platform detects metric anomalies related to the application and generates anomaly events in the form of alerts, which start appearing in our Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps Stories & Alerts Dashboard.

At the same time, Turbonomic, which has also received the information from Instana, identifies that the issue is caused by insufficient resources allocated to a service in that application, and it suggests an action plan to address performance issues in the application services.


Turbonomic forwards the action plan to resize the deployment to Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, at which point, a single Story is created that groups all related events from Instana, Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, Turbonomic and other sources, to ultimately reduce the noise. Our SRE quickly understands the cause-and-effect relationship across these events, and decides to execute the action plan of resizing the deployment in Turbonomic. After the action plan is executed, the SRE can see that the problem has been fixed, the application returns to normal, events in Instana are cleared, metric anomalies return to normal baselines, and the Turbonomic alert that appeared in Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps gets cleared automatically, and the story is closed in the AIOps’ dashboard.


As described in the scenario above, each of these solutions cater to a different scope of the incident management process, and each product provides unique benefits. They can function independently, but we derive the maximum value from them through their interconnectivity.

In our future releases, IBM is heavily invested in providing a tighter integration between these solutions, so that information seamlessly flows across the products, and SREs and IT practitioners can get complete context and holistic knowledge of what is happening in their environments from within the tools they are using. By unifying the observability, AIOps and resource management, enterprises can meaningfully automate processes, quickly detect incidents and get the best value from their multi-cloud investments.