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  • 1.  How to import CSV file in OPL ?

    Posted Tue September 19, 2023 11:08 AM

    I'm trying to import CSV files as my variables in OPL and I can't find any easy way to do it like CSVConnection. Do some of you know how to do it ? I know I can do a script but I would want an other way if it exists


    I tried CSVConnection and then linked the connection to my variable like I was doing with SheetRead and SheetConnection but it doesn't work

    Marceau Moulin

  • 2.  RE: How to import CSV file in OPL ?

    Posted Fri September 22, 2023 05:14 AM

    You can have a look at the documentation ( and at the example <Install_dir>/opl/examples/foodcsv/foodcsv.dat

    Olivier Lhomme