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  • 1.  expired license and lost data

    Posted Sun March 31, 2024 01:25 PM


    I am a PhD student and have previously purchased the SPSS license through my university shop and it worked for many years. However, suddenly my university decided it no longer supports student purchasing their own license. I had saved my data on my computer but I saved it as .sps/.sav/.spv form so I can no longer open those. Did I lose all my analyses? If I purchase a new license through IBM store will I be able to open my saved files?

    Thank you in advance

    Best Regards, Iiris

    Iiris Puro

  • 2.  RE: expired license and lost data

    IBM Champion
    Posted Sun March 31, 2024 01:31 PM
    The license has no effect on sav files.  If you install an SPSS version, it should be able to read all the existing sav files (assuming that the datafile location and names do not conflict with sav file names installed with SPSS Statistics).