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  • 1.  CPLEX python 3.9 - MacOS

    Posted Tue January 17, 2023 11:05 AM
    I would like to use cplex inside my python notebook, but i have some problems in the installation (i have a mac os with M1 processor).

    Namely, I followed the documentation, installing the cplex package 22.1.1 (the one which refers to arm) and also the anaconda that is compatible with arm architecture.

    Then, I executed the command: 
    python /Applications/CPLEX_Studio2211/python/ installBut still, when I try to import the cplex library, I got an error (even if I see the cplex library installed when doing pip list)Any advice that you could provide?

    The OS is Ventura 13.1

    Thanks in advance,

    Marco de Ieso


  • 2.  RE: CPLEX python 3.9 - MacOS

    Posted Wed January 18, 2023 03:30 AM
    Hello Marco,
    Could you provide more information about the error that you got ?
    What is the error message and at what time does it occur ? Is this when importing the cplex library in a notebook ?

    Hugues Juille