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watsonx Pulse: Weekly AI News Alert - Jan 25

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Thu January 25, 2024 11:09 AM


From the Newsroom

"In the fourth quarter, we grew revenue in all of our segments, driven by continued adoption of our hybrid cloud and AI offerings. Client demand for AI is accelerating and our book of business for watsonx and generative AI roughly doubled from the third to the fourth quarter," said Arvind Krishna, IBM chairman and chief executive officer. "For the year, revenue growth was in line with our expectations, and we exceeded our free cash flow objective. Based on the strength of our portfolio and demonstrated track record of innovation, for 2024 we expect revenue performance in line with our mid-single digit model and about $12 billion in free cash flow." 

Hey music lovers! Get ready for the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards like never before with IBM's new AI Stories with WatsonX! This technology uses AI to create personalized stories for fans, allowing them to engage with their favorite artists and the GRAMMY Awards in a whole new way. With AI Stories, fans can explore unique and interactive experiences, such as virtual red carpet tours, backstage access, and even personalized artist interviews. Don't miss out on the fun - tune in to the GRAMMY Awards on March 16th to experience the future of fan engagement! 

Sevilla FC's data department worked with IBM Client Engineering Team to build Scout Advisor, leveraging watsonx's natural language processing and foundation models to search and analyze massive amounts of information present in the club's existing databases to evaluate potential recruits. This includes both quantitative data such as height and weight, speed, number of goals or minutes played, and qualitative unstructured data such as the textual analysis contained in their more than 200,000 scouting reports.

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