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Watson Assistant is Evolving (again!)

By Daniel Toczala posted Thu January 28, 2021 11:54 AM

Watson Assistant has always been a pioneer in the chatbot market (though we prefer to call them assistants). We’ve continued to evolve our product over the years from what started as a stateless developer API (see below) — with all of the frustrations and challenges of building an external application around that — into a holistic customer care product designed to solve customer and employee challenges — the first time.

Please take some time to read Ryan Ashby's blog post, Watson Assistant is Evolving (again!), and discover all of the new integrations and functionality available in Watson Assistant, as well as the new pricing changes coming to Watson Assistant.

Also check out the IBM Watson channel on Medium.  it is a great source for Watson product announcements, as well as thought leadership from various technical leaders at IBM on what is new and exciting in AI!