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IBM Semeru Runtimes: a new source for Eclipse OpenJ9 based JDK binaries

On August 3, IBM released our IBM Semeru Runtimes [1]: OpenJDK class libraries combined with the Eclipse OpenJ9 Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In the last few years, the Java ecosystem has seen an explosion of different OpenJDK distributions, so you could easily be wondering: why does the world...

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Where Can I Take My Technologies?

You’ve been with your application server for a while. Things are getting stalled. It's gotten old and just doesn’t perform the way it used. No one supports it anymore. Now you want more. You've started playing around with the idea of being able to take advantage of new technologies or get your...

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IBM Expert TV on Nov 4th: How to analyze Java OutOfMemoryErrors for WAS traditional and Liberty

On Wednesday, November 4th at 11:00 AM ET, I'll be presenting How to analyze Java OutOfMemoryErrors for WAS traditional and Liberty: This session will include a live demo. You will have time to ask questions on the show! Here's...

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Modernization of Java EE Applications using OpenShift - Part 2

Introduction This Post, I would like to deploy another patient UI Node.js application in OpenShift split from a monolithic Java EE application and integrate it with the business logic Java EE application that we created last time around .​ ( Part 1 ) Modernization of the Patient UI ...

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