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IBM DevOps Rational Test 10.5.4 Supports Appium 2.0 for macOS!

By Lettie Ar-Rahmaan posted Tue September 19, 2023 02:13 PM


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Welcome to Fall 2023! 

It’s been one year since we announced our new partnership with HCL.  What an amazing year it has been.  On the heels of our stronger partnership, we attended IBM TechXChange in Las Vegas, Nevada September 11-14 and released IBM DevOps Rational Test 10.5.4 on 9.14.2023.

During the inaugural IBM TechXChange we shared statistics from The IBM Software Delivery Report 2023 to help our clients with delivery efficiency and discussed other products DevOps Test integrates with for a robust DevOps Lifecycle.  

Now, let’s look at some of the new capabilities and ideas submitted by you, our clients, in this release.

IBM DevOps Rational Test Release 10.5.4

Rational Functional Tester 

  •  Support for Chrome and Edge browsers in the Docker container

Chrome and Edge browsers are bundled with the product offering in a Docker container. You must accept the license terms for usage by using the Accept License parameter when you run a test on these browsers in the Docker container.

  • Support for deletion of pre-existing cursors

The ability to delete the existing cursor from the previous test run of a functional test that uses the getServerDatasetCursor API.

  • Support to override the project specified for BrowserStack and BitBar clouds

When a user run mobile tests or a compound test that contains mobile tests on device clouds such as BrowserStack or BitBar, the user can select or create a project to override the project that is specified on the Preferences page.

Rational Performance Tester

  • Support for JSONPath in data correlation rules

Use data correlation rules to create references by using JSONPath, in addition to using regular expressions.

  • Support for Citrix Workspace App 23.03

Record a Citrix web interface test and Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) file test by using Citrix Workspace App 23.03.

Rational Integration Tester / Rational Test Virtualization Server

  • Enhanced the stub details with the publisher details in the Environment dashboard

Enhanced the display information on the details and activity tabs of the stub instance in the Environment dashboard of Rational Test Control Panel. 

  • Enhanced the Rational Integration Tester Agent engine logging

Now includes an instance name of the engine that is displayed in Rational Test Control Panel.

Rational Test Automation Server 

  • Enhanced dataset classification

Set the dataset classification (encrypted password) for a dataset irrespective of its location in branches in a repository.  Also, clone datasets to use different passwords.

  • Support to add reports and logs to Jira issues

View attached test reports or logs from a Jira project after configuring Jira as a change management system.

  • Support for Machine Learning insights on performance tests

Using deep learning techniques, the system will scan performance test results and detect some of the classical patterns that might be issues from a performance standpoint.

  • Requirement of Java 17 for Resource Monitoring agents

The Resource Monitoring Java Agent now requires Java 17 JRE or JDK to be installed on the computer that is used to collect the Resource Monitoring.

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