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Official launch of “IBM DevOps Software Architect”! v1.0 beta available

By Roger LeBlanc posted Fri February 24, 2023 03:49 PM


Official launch of “IBM DevOps Software Architect”! v1.0 beta available

In response to customer and market demands, we are proud to announce the release of “IBM DevOps Software Architect’, starting with the availability of this v1.0 beta!

Built on the extensible Eclipse platform, IBM® DevOps Software Architect provides a broad range of design and development tools that you can use to rapidly create, evaluate, and communicate software architectures and designs. 

A close parent to the Rational Software Architect Designer (RSAD) offering, “IBM DevOps Software Architect” is a p2 based offering, leveraging the modular provisioning platform for Eclipse based applications.  Light-weight, easier to adopt, easier to use, easier to maintain, the new IBM® DevOps Software Architect also has the immediate benefits of improved performance, and the ability to adopt more frequent updates of Eclipse. of.

The following capabilities are available with this v1.0 beta release of IBM DevOps Software Architect:

-        Support for Rational Software Architect Designer projects

-        Sketching

-        UML Modeling

-        BPMN Modeling (2.0)

o   BPMN 2.0 Interchange

o   Text-to-BPMN Importer

-        Java Standard Edition Graphical Editing and Transformations

-        Modeling REST services

o   Swagger 2.0 support and Swagger code generation

o   Open API 3.0 support

o   Migration of Swagger 2.0 YAML/JSON artifacts to OpenAPI 3.0

o   Reporting to REST Models

-        Domain-specific Modeling language extensibility

-        Transformation authoring

-        Pluglets

-        Eclipse technology extensibility

-        Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) - feature from Eclipse

-        Architecture Reporting

o   Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

§  Architecture reporting (UML) with BIRT

§  Architecture reporting (BPMN) with BIRT

o   Web Publish (Publish a UML model)

-        Importing and Exporting UML Models

o   Support XMI Interchange Models

o   Structured data importer for UML

-        Architecture integration frameworks and related tooling

o   Structured data importer for UML Profile for Integrated Architectures (UPIA)

-        Service modeling

o   BPMN-to-SoaML transformation

o   Web services graphical editing and transformations

-        XSD graphical editing and transformations

-        Design Room ONE

-        DSA product integration support

o   IBM Common Licensing 9.0

o   IBM Engineering Workflow Management 7.0.2 SR1

o   IBM Engineering Requirement Management DOORS Next 7.0x via DRONE Integration

o   eGIT 6.2

o   IBM ClearCase 9.0.2.x and later (?)

How to participate to the beta program:

To ensure that we have the opportunity to closely collaborate with those requesting access to the beta, this will be a Closed beta program.  To request access to the beta, please send an email to Roger LeBlanc ( with the following information:

-        Customer company name

-        Customer contact (person that needs to access the beta)

-        Contact email

-        Please include “IDSA beta request” in the email subject

You will receive an email invitation to join the Beta program, along with detailed instructions to access the beta downloads and links to product and installation documentation.

Continue monitoring the IBM DevOps Platform community for more details in follow-on blogs and posts!

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