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IBM WebSphere Automation v1.1

By Michael Thompson posted Fri May 28, 2021 12:48 PM

Following on from my announcement post last month, I am pleased to report that IBM WebSphere Automation is now generally available!

Built on top of the IBM Automation foundation and Red Hat OpenShift, IBM WebSphere Automation helps WebSphere admins and operations teams manage and secure their existing WebSphere servers – without changing the existing environment - to quickly unlock value with increased security, resiliency and performance.

Available from the IBM operator catalog, the initial release of WebSphere Automation, version 1.1, reduces the manual toil of administrative and operations effort of tracking the security posture of WebSphere and Liberty servers.

WebSphere Automation provides a Single dashboard for your entire WebSphere estate. The consolidated dashboard spans WebSphere editions, runtime types (Liberty and traditional), and deployment environments (VMs, containers, cloud) to increase the team’s awareness of and response time to security vulnerabilities.

The Servers tab of WebSphere Automation dashboard

The Servers tab of the WebSphere Automation dashboard

The dashboard provides automated tracking and notification of new security vulnerabilities (PSIRT), based on the IBM Security Bulletins.

WebSphere Automation helps secure operations to reduce risk and meet compliance, by automatically recognize and recommend relevant CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for impacted traditional WebSphere and Liberty servers.

The CVEs tab of WebSphere Automation dashboard

The CVEs tab of WebSphere Automation dashboard

The Servers and CVEs dashboard helps connect teams with critical WebSphere security information which can be shared with multiple teams through use of out of the box and custom RBAC permissions. Additionally, WebSphere Automation helps enhance your team’s response capabilities with a centrally managed e-mail based notification system, providing alerts specific to your environment.

For a comprehensive look at how WebSphere Automation can help your team, check out the demo video. You can take a spin through the interactive demo on our product page and feel free to dig deep in our documentation on IBM Docs.

I want to extend a huge thank you to the team who made this release possible, and to the customers on the WebSphere Customer Advisory Board who so graciously gave their time and insights to help shape this release.