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Introducing IBM WebSphere Automation - Automate IBM WebSphere operations to quickly unlock value with increased security, resiliency and performance

By Michael Thompson posted Tue April 20, 2021 11:51 AM


Today, I am pleased to announce IBM WebSphere Automation – a new offering from the WebSphere Application Server team focused on alleviating the manual toil of day to day WebSphere operations and maintenance.


Solution Overview

WebSphere Automation has a simple value proposition: provide the capabilities to automate WebSphere and Liberty operations – without changing your existing environment - to quickly unlock value with increased security, resiliency and performance. The initial release of WebSphere Automation reduces the manual toil of administrative and operations efforts, minimizing the cost and complexity of tracking the security posture of WebSphere and Liberty environments. This creates the time and opportunities for higher value activities.

Officially announced on April 20th, 2021, this solution is planned to become generally available on May 28th, 2021.

WebSphere Automation benefits:

Meets you where you are
Smaller, achievable steps toward value, delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings, quickly, for all WebSphere and Liberty clients

A simple step focused on Ops
Quick ROI for customers who are hampered by the complexity of their estate, the lack of cloud technology in the data center to keep up with rapid changes, and the constant challenge of rising costs.

Optimizing WebSphere to drive business value
Save time and effort running your application workloads in all WebSphere environments, without changes to your existing environments or without needing other solutions.


WebSphere Automation capabilities:

  • Automatically alert when new CVEs (security bulletins) affects your servers. No more reviewing each new IBM Flash for applicability to your environment(s).
  • Consolidated dashboard gives real-time status of unresolved CVEs in your environment, across multiple installations, runtimes and WAS ND cells.
  • Role-based permission access including a “read only” role which can be granted to audit or compliance teams.
  • Email-based notifications for when new CVEs are detected, aligning these notifications with your existing workflow.
  • Export inventory status as CSV for additional processing or distribution within your organization.
  • Support for existing WAS 8.5.5, WAS 9.0.5 and Liberty deployments, on virtual machines or containers.

WebSphere Automation has been developed in close collaboration with members of the WebSphere Customer Advisory Board, and is focused on tackling the automation needs of operations and administration teams across three main themes: Self-Securing, Self-Healing and Self-Optimizing. Based on customer feedback, the initial release of WebSphere Automation is focused on improving the ability for operations teams to understand the security posture of their WebSphere estate, irrespective of where their WAS servers are running.


We intend to evolve the automation capabilities to include capabilities around vulnerability remediation, assisted problem determination, and automated tuning advice. To get engaged and help shape the future of WebSphere Automation, we invite you to join the Customer Advisory Board today.



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