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What's New in IBM Mono2Micro 23.0.04

By Len Theivendra posted Fri April 14, 2023 11:29 AM


The April release of IBM® Mono2Micro enhances the analysis of your monolith applications by detecting potential utility classes and common code. After running the AI recommendation step to get suggestions on how to partition the monolith application, Mono2Micro will highlight any monolith classes it considers as utilitarian in nature, having common code that can be packaged with all or some microservices rather than be part of a microservice themselves. When viewing the recommended partitions in the workbench UI, these classes are shown as a diamond shape.

Mono2Micro workbench UI utility classes

Here, the Log class has been identified as a potential utility class, and we can see why by clicking on it to get a clearer picture where numerous incoming calls into this class from other application classes in various partitions are shown.

An easy way to identify all the marked utility classes is to use the workbench UI's filtering facilities to display only these classes.

Mono2Micro workbench UI filter panel to show utility classes

When customizing your partitions this filtering facility comes in handy to select all utility classes and move them to a new and separate partition in the custom view. This partition can represent a utility jar for example, to be packaged with all future microservices.

Mono2Micro workbench UI custom view - filter and move utility classes

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To take advantage of all these new capabilities and more, head over to https://ibm.biz/Mono2Micro to download and try Mono2Micro yourself.