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What's New in IBM Mono2Micro 22.0.06

By Len Theivendra posted Wed June 29, 2022 09:47 AM


The June release of IBM® Mono2Micro introduces a brand new command line interface (CLI) tool that lets you easily control all the components of Mono2Micro as you work through the process of refactoring monolithic Java applications to microservices on WebSphere Liberty. In addition to running all the components of Mono2Micro the CLI also helps you install the components, manage license acceptance tracking, configure which container engine to use (Docker or Podman), etc. The tool can be run on your Linux, Mac, or Windows systems command line environments.

Here is an example of the main commands and options available from the tool:

/c/m2m$ mono2micro

Mono2Micro: AI driven transformation of Java monoliths to microservices for WebSphere Liberty
Usage: mono2micro [-hvz] COMMAND
  -h, --help      Display help information
  -v, --version   Display Mono2Micro component versions
  -z, --verbose   Enable verbose mode
  install     Install Mono2Micro components and images
  analyze     Analyze the monolith application source code
  instrument  Analyze and instrument the monolith application source code (deprecated)
  usecase     Capture use case context (names and times) while running them on the instrumented application
  recommend   Run the AI engine on collected application data to recommend partitions for the monolith
  workbench   Run the workbench UI to view and customize the AI recommended partitions
  refine      Regenerate reports and partition information files using custom partitions
  transform   Generate starter code to implement and run the partitions as microservices

Secondly, Mono2Micro's code generator now helps you to quickly get started on implementing your partitions on WebSphere Liberty by generating a starter Dockerfile, a Liberty Maven plugin enabled POM configuration file (pom.xml), and server configuration file (server.xml). The Dockerfile helps to build the partition as an image based on a WebSphere Liberty base image, and the POM and server.xml can be further customized for the functionality that each partition provides. Read the documentation and generated READ_THIS_FIRST.MD for more details.

Be sure to read https://community.ibm.com/community/user/wasdevops/blogs/leonard-theivendra1/2022/03/29/whats-new-in-ibm-mono2micro-22-0-03 as well to check out the great new features introduced in the previous March release of Mono2Micro. To take advantage of all these new capabilities and more head over to https://ibm.biz/Mono2Micro to download and try Mono2Micro yourself.