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UrbanCode.com has migrated to the the IBM Community for UrbanCode

By Laurel Dickson-Bull posted 27 days ago


Dear IBM UrbanCode Customers and IBMers,

The urbancode.com website that so many of us have used for years, has found a new home in the relatively new IBM's DevOps Community.  This community provides an opportunity for UrbanCode users to be part of growing topic group made up of other UrbanCode users. We have learned in recent years that there is great value in human interaction and knowledge sharing. We hope you will find a home in the new space, which includes these powerful features:

  • Post a question to the Discussion Forum. UrbanCode experts and novices alike can ask questions and learn from each other.

  • Blog about UrbanCode topics of interest  - add to the 100+ blogs already posted. Learn how to blog here

  • Add files (videos, how-to documents, labs, documentation) to the growing Library

  • Use a stable, secure website platform

  • Join nearly 200 other UrbanCode community Members

UrbanCode Plugins
I expect you are wondering about how to access UrbanCode plugins, now that urbancode.com will no longer be maintained. The answer: all the UrbanCode plugins have been migrated to a Github repository here. Start at this level to search for the plugin you need.

Join the Group
To Join the UrbanCode topic group on the IBM Community, simply navigate to it from IBM Community WebSphere and DevOps and click Join Group. 

When you join a community, it's always a good idea to review the Netiquette for the community. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

IBM UrbanCode Team




2 days ago

UrbanCode Release Notes

Release notes of all current and previous UrbanCode releases have moved to IBM Docs. To help you find the new location of release notes, the links to current UC release notes are given below:

24 days ago

Hi Mike!

Yes, the plugins are all supported, unless they are Community plugins - those continue to be supported by the community. And some of the partner plugins are supported by partners. But nothing has changed as far as support.

We are working on migrating all of the Release Notes (What's New) to Github also, so we'll have the historical perspective on what has been delivered. Additionally, Release Notes will be in the product documentation for all versions.

24 days ago

Also, I really like the "What's new" section on urbancode.com with the release information.  Will that be continued in IBM's DevOps Community?

24 days ago

Thanks for the update!  

Are all plugins listed here (https://urbancode.github.io/IBM-UCx-PLUGIN-DOCS/UCD/#welcome-to-urbancode-deploy-plugins) officially supported by IBM?