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IBM Webinar:Innovative and automated testing with deep integration for your z/OS powered hybrid clou

An agile DevOps strategy cannot succeed if it leaves testing to be done too late in the process and requires the tests to be executed manually. Continuous and automated testing as part of CI/CD pipeline and immediate feedback as an outcome is key to ensure quality and accelerated release cycle....

 Wed May 19, 2021 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

IBM Webinar: Bring your own IDE to hybrid cloud development on IBM Z

Enterprises around the world are going through digital and cloud transformatio ns in order to respond to changing market dynamics. IBM Z is a critical part of the transformation efforts as customers are looking to speed up delivery of their z/OS application changes to respond to market...

 Wed April 21, 2021 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

IBM Webinar: Explore the latest offerings and developments for free with IBM Z Trial

Gain access to No cost , independent virtual z/OS environments to try out the latest software on IBM Z. Explore offerings from across the IBM Z software stack through a simple, clientless connection with practical, scenario-based walkthroughs to help you...

 Tue April 20, 2021 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

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Rational Test 10.1.3 is out

We're excited to announce the release of Rational Test 10.1.3 with many updates. Check out the details below Rational Test Automation Server updates 10.1.3 is focused on incorporating user feedback and adding in improvements to Mobile testing and Service Virtualization Service...

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IBM GitLab Utlimate and IBM Z: Podcast with Rosalind Radcliffe

IBM started selling IBM GitLab Ulitmate this year. It's a DevOps end-to end-platform that contains the functionality DevOps teams need to get started easily and quickly with a continuous delivery platform. To GitLab Ulitmate, IBM adds enterprise capabilities needed for deep specialized...

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DBMaestro = DevOps for the database

DBmaestro’s DevOps platform paves the way for safe implementation of CI/CD for the database. With automatic drift prevention mechanisms, customizable role management, and a complete audit trail, our platform makes unplanned database downtime a thing of the past. The platform combines several...

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Intelligent application analysis in Wazi to accelerate hybrid cloud application modernization!

IBM Wazi Developer enables cloud native hybrid application development spanning IBM Z and multi-cloud platforms using a standard DevOps toolchain. This empowers developers by providing a consistent and familiar development experience for IBM z/OS. Now, Whats new in V1.2 of Wazi Developer? ...

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SRE & Watson AIOps

Site reliability engineering (SRE) uses software engineering to automate IT operations tasks - e.g. production system management, change management, incident response, even emergency response - that would otherwise be performed manually by systems administrators (sysadmins). IBM Cloud Pak for...

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Series on UrbanCode Deploy for IBM Z

Short series on UrbanCode Deploy for IBM Z - the basics: 1. Introduction - Concepts of Applications and Processes 2. Components and Security 3. Deployment Processes 4. Resources #DevOps #IBMZ #UrbanCode

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February edition of the IBM Z Software newsletter

The February edition of the IBM Z Software Newsletters designed for developers and architects and is full of the latest information, announcements, articles, and more across the IBM Z portfolio. #IBMZ #DevOps #Developer

IBM Z Software Newsletter - DevOps edition (February 2021).pdf