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Gitlab + IBM Rational Test

You might have heard and read about IBM and Gitlab's strategic decision to partner with each other. Find the link here . Check out more details here . These are very exciting times for us. What does this mean for IBM Rational Test? IBM Rational Test has many integration...

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DevOps Automation

Automation should simplify how software is developed, delivered and managed. The result should be faster delivery of reliable software and reduced risk to the business. Before the 2020 pandemic there was a desire for automation by most delivery teams, but often little ambition by the business...

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Using UCD with Jenkins Pipeline

The attaches notes provide an extended example of using Jenkins Pipeline-as-Code capabilities with UCD. Pipeline Steps include: - versioning built artifacts into CodeStation and adding traceability back to the source and build objects - deploying both UCD versions and snapshot -...

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IBM API Connect Automated Testing Virtual Meet Up

IBM API Connect is hosting a meetup to illustrate how API testing is made simple! If you're an API Developer/QA Champion and wondering what can make your lives HEAPS easier from manually testing your App/API code, come join us this Thursday, Dec 17th, 9:30 AM PST to learn about Shifting...

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The ODM and DevOps Series - Post 1/4

This series of articles explores several options to insert ODM into a typical DevOps pipeline, by leveraging out-of-the-box features and showcasing sample code using provided APIs. The overall plan of the series is the following: article 1 (this article): setting the context about ODM...

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ClearCase, ClearQuest 9.1.0 is out !

ClearCase/ClearQuest v9.1.0 is out ! ClearCase 9.1 provides a fully 64-bit product on Windows and continues to provide a full 64-bit product on Linux. ClearCase and the MultiVersion File System (MVFS) has supported 64-bit hardware for many years. Similarly, ClearQuest 9.1 now provides a...

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Education Spotlight: IDz Basics course V2 is live!

The DevOps Acceleration Program (DAP) is proud to introduce the first major update to the IBM Developer for z/OS Basics self-paced online course, IDz Basics v2 . In case you are not yet familiar with the IDz Basics course, it is a no-cost online, self-paced learning path to familiarize...

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Advanced UrbanCode Deploy Topic: Blue-Green Container Deployments

UrbanCode Deploys handles the deployment of any kind of application anywhere, with governance and control. That includes deploying containers to OpenShift. Watch this short video to see how you can do that, as a blue-green deployment. Thank you to M Fadin ( who created this...

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UrbanCode Deploy 10 Minute Tip: How to install UCD

You can download UrbanCode Deploy from this IBM site Osman Burucu, has created the attached video to help you quickly install the product, which includes information for IBMers and IBM Clients. #UrbanCode #DevOps

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