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What's New for Application Modernization

By Dana Price posted Mon March 22, 2021 06:21 PM

WebSphere Hybrid Edition is perfectly positioned to support application modernization.  With the WebSphere and Liberty runtimes, Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime and container/cloud options, it will meet the needs of your applications today, and flexibly support them through all of the steps in your application modernization journey.  

Available and supported as a part of WebSphere Hybrid Edition, the application transformation toolkit encompasses several tools that will prove invaluable and will help you modernize your Java EE application estate:

  • Transformation Advisor accelerates the modernization of your entire WebSphere estate, provides modernization recommendations and development effort sizing, and generates migration artifacts for moving to Liberty or WebSphere Application Server base in containers.

  • Mono2Micro uses artificial intelligence to recommend partitions that enable decomposition of your monolithic application into right-sized microservices for deployment into the cloud-ready Liberty server.  It evaluates the application source code, provides insights into class inter-relationships,  and even generates the code to wire those microservices together so that you can test the newly separated partitions using the existing application testcases.

  • WebSphere Application Server migration tools help you understand and assist with the code changes needed during application modernization, whether used on their own or as a compliment to Transformation Advisor and Mono2Micro.

Learn all about the tools in the application transformation toolkit, including seeing demos and engaging with the teams that provide them, in episodes of App Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye.  It's an IBM Expert TV channel entirely dedicated to application modernization!

The table below provides a summary of the capabilities of  each of the tools in the application transformation toolkit. 


See lots more information about WebSphere Hybrid Edition and each of the tools in the application transformation toolkit here:
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